Saturday, April 5, 2014

**The Walls of Humanity's Heart**

The world is collapsing around the walls of Humanity’s Heart,
The actions of all the Saints could not move the Hands of Time, back to `Restart`.

The vapors of heat from the fires of Hell, burn much hotter, as many voices tell.
Seeking shelter from the dew of Heaven above,
Hardened and calloused Hearts repel
The Power of Divine Love.

Too many seeking the `perfect` girl or guy,
Students of the `Mysteries of Life` question the reasons “Why ?”
Another beat of the drum, another clang of the bell,
Mystics of the Ages asking “Is there a Heaven? Is there a Hell?”
                                                                                                              Br.Phil. B.


** Les sciences humaines Les murs du cœur **

Le cœur du monde s'effondre autour des murs des sciences humaines,
Les actions de tous les Saints ne pourraient pas bouger la marche du temps par arrière.

Les vapeurs de la chaleur du feu de l'enfer, brûlent toujours beaucoup plus chaud,
Beaucoup de voix, de plus en plus nombreuses crient leurs plaintes.
Tout en cherchant un abri de la rosée du ciel la haut,
Les cœurs endurcis et calleux repoussent la puissance de l'amour divin.

Trop de recherche par les jeunes gens pour l’amie ou le mec parfait.
Ces étudiants des `mystères de la vie` questionnent les raisons avec un "Pourquoi" constant.
Un autre battement du tambour, un autre bruit de la cloche,
Mystiques des âges demandant  « Il y a t’il un paradis? Y a t’il un enfer?

Fr. Phil Bara

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


9 I delight to do your will, my God;
your law is in my inner being!”
10 When I sing of your righteousness
in a great assembly,
See, I do not restrain my lips;
as you, LORD, know.
11 I do not conceal your righteousness
within my heart;
I speak of your loyalty and your salvation.
I do not hide your mercy or faithfulness from a great assembly.
                           Psalm 40; 9 - 11

Many times and many places I have found myself doing that which must be done.
No other person has the Words of Truth, to whom can I go, to where can I run.

The Life I live, the Teachings I give,
Forever Lord I find Mercy in Your Hand.
If I were to fly like an Eagle, or crawl across the Land.
Only You Oh Lord, give me the Strength, to make a Stand.

All the Galaxies and Heavenly Stars Above,
All Creation in Harmony, Sing of You, Endless Love !!!
                                                                                 Br.Phil. B. 3-25-14

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Never lose an opportunity to perceive Beauty. 
Beauty is our Father Creator's handwriting.
See His Spirit in
Wayside Memorials, the Welcoming smile on a Friend's Face,
The Rich Blue of a Cloudless Sky,

Every Full Grown Forest,
The White Snow Tipped Mountains,
The Roaring of Swift Waters,
All of the Stars of a Black Desert Night.

In a Thankful Heart Beauty will Always Be  Revealed  !!! 
Those who have Eyes, will See !!! 
Those who have Ears, will Hear !!!
Those with a heart will surely love !!!

Wherever One will Trod upon the Paths of this Planet Earth,
Keeping ever Mindful of her Beauty`s Worth,
Open is the Pilgrims soul, towards the Above.                                
Trusting in our God`s  Merciful  Love .
                                                                     Bro. Phil Bara   3/6/2014

Monday, March 3, 2014


Once upon a time, more than 800 years ago there lived a rich son born of privilege who found true treasure in the abundance of God's creation.  He set aside his fine toggery, his spirited horse, fine wine and comfortable abode.  He not only turned away from all the material comforts to which he had access, he also spurned the ego comfort of leadership in favor of the communitarian warmth of brotherhood.  He never married, at least not to another human being.  His true spouse was his beloved Church.

To him is attributed the following prayer.  Oh, would that it were so.  As it is, the prayer is just a little bit over 100 years old.  It comes from France, not Italy.  Even though it is not from St. Francis, it is our humble opinion that it has the soul of Francis.  We offer it to you for the depth of its spiritual value.  We also suggest that you click here for the historical information about it.  You'll notice that you will still appreciate it, no matter the historical background.  It is a very popular and a spiritually moving poetic prayer.

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is error, truth;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, Grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


To appreciate this you must read it more than once
All is well !!   The mandatory rituals of University Life are consuming the hours of society's youth. This humdrum existance of repetitive intellectual activity has  pre-empted the present moments, only to be followed by still more of the same.  The very structure of mankind is being pushed aside by the momentum of the filing of never to be used knowledge.
Decades have passed, hour upon hour, bit by bit, still the population cries for more.  More time, more food, more technical advancements, till the very Heart of Humanity will no longer exist.

All is well !!  The adolescent rebels against the tide of yesterdays invention, only to repeat the same pattern of `that` which was before without appreciating the good that it represented.
Infants in throw away diapers growing, so that space will be made for more infants, in `new improved` toss away diapers. The aging close their eyes to the Fresh Horizons, gazing only at yesterday's fading colors.  Life gets fresher for the young seekers while it slips through the  the slower moving shadows of the elderly mind.

All is well !!  The Light of  years traveling in dreamy memories and finally perceived by the eyes of today, yet no longer existing at the source. Sounds of many atomic structures listened to by many with letters following their names.  This and much more being considered by others attempting to decipher the music of oceanic mammals.  Yet starving children sit and cry because of the hunger that may never be satisfied.

All is well !!  Billions of `greenbacks` traded for more of the same, people stretching, perspiring, and given monetary awards by simply winning a meaningless game. Student gatherings shouting, expressing pride in their athletic teams; the mothers of martyrs harmonizing their screams, hoping for an eternal crown of Laurel.
Lonely girls at home folding hands in prayer, imagining that a knight in shining armor is out there who will one day be theirs.

All is well !!  The Baptist preacher invites many to follow the Lord.  The Australian Aborigine repeats time tested sounds from a hollowed out gourd. Industrial cities laid out as waste, a winebibber guzzling aftershave just to ease the taste. Prophets only guessing at when it will end.
This is just a *Hammering* that flowed freely, that I send.  I am stopping now, at the gateway of hell, yet I still hear the `Voices` shouting ***All is well !! ***
                                                                                                                               Br.Philip.  2-2-14

Monday, December 16, 2013


“The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with Healing in His Wings.” Malachi 4:`2

    The son of David and Maria Stanza, David Jr. the eldest son of this St. Paul, Minn. Catholic family dealt with the ongoing
repercussions of traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder. JR., the name that family and friends called him, struggled for months attempting to make sense of civilian life. Retreating more from the daily areas of living, JR. found
himself ultimately isolating himself from all the enjoyable things of life.
   JR. admitted himself to the confines of Walter Reed National Medical Center, with these words; “Nothing can hurt me.
Nothing can scare me. I need no one, and no one needs me.” The doctors of this center recognized JR`s malady, for the
studies of recent years had enlightened them concerning the disharmony JR. suffered.  JR. followed the advice of the counselors  and soon recognized how distant he had become from the enjoyments of life.
   Joining the activities of `Team River Runners`, a nonprofit fellowship of veterans from around the country. JR. quickly
was rejuvenated by the healing power found in Nature’s running rivers and streams. This fellowship of kayaking and fast water canoeists has had the effect of healing for a large percentage of the members.
   Today, unlike the previous generations of military veterans there are many outreaches offered by the Dept. of Veterans
Affairs and other community programs assisting in the physical and psychological issues of present day returning G.I.`s.
   The awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-P.T.S.D., Traumatic Brain Injuries-T.B.I.`s, suicide, substance abuse,
alcoholism, and depression caused isolationism, has increased in the medical and clinical associations. These groups are
working together in much closer affiliations with themselves and the veterans than ever before.
   Throughout history the internal injuries of the `Protectors of Freedom` the Armed Forces, have always been studied.
The terms; A Soldiers Heart, Shellshock, Battle Fatigue, and Sailors Sorrow, are just a few of the many names given to
describe the `Fight to Fight Stress` personalities related to the disharmony found in veterans.
   On Sept. 16th 2011, a former Navy Reservist, shot and killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard. This event is
just one of the many tragedies caused by the complications of the psycho-emotional states of war time veterans.
Veterans of the Vietnam War era finally after many years of denial and lack of knowledge are stepping forward to
receive the therapeutic assistance of present day research.  The Armed Forces Health Surveillance Centers throughout
the U.S.A. have recently listed alcoholism, drug addiction, and domestic violence, as the major areas of discord.
   The many misconceptions of the past have been eliminated over the past 35 years. Therapies of various types also
have proven to be beneficial to the once `hopeless, helpless, homeless, veteran.` Advertisements, TV announcements,
radio interviews, and the National Veterans Crisis Line (1-800-273-TALK) have opened doors of healing to veterans,
families, and friends.
    Being a veteran myself, I have personally experienced the the positive benefits of therapy, along with the grace
supplied by God because of the many that pray for veterans.

Here is a short list of Health references available to veterans and their families:                                                                      
National Call Center for Homeless                                                         Veterans.....1-877-4AID-VET.

  Lets not forget the Armed Forces Members and the Veterans this Christmas Season !!
Always Remember `FREEDOM is not FREE !!`

Br. Phil Bara.   12-4-13

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Saying that the U.S. immigration system is "broken" is like saying that the girl's hymen is broken after she has been raped.  Saying that the health care system in the U.S. is "broken" falls into the same category.
These are not "broken" systems. they have been raped, and in fact, not just raped, but gang raped.

In 1986 the Simpson - Mazzoli act became law.  The core of the law is that no person who is not able to prove via documentation that he/she has the legal right to be in the country should not be hired to work.
This was the time of the creation of the form I-9.  I was a director of human resources for a large international company in San Diego, California at the time.  I saw what was coming, so I attended the training sessions that the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) presented to human resources managers, directors and other significant business leaders to learn how to distinguish between authentic and counterfeit documents.  As it turns out, it was far from rocket science, to use an old expression.  It took me about 30 seconds to realize that an authentic Social Security card was printed by an inked,cloth like ribbon and you could tell immediately.  Cards that were printed from any other media were bogus.  
I also learned how to detect counterfeit "Green Cards" in a flash.  No one got by me.  No one.  Some challenged my judgment and none won.  
I had to deal with sloppy "temp" agencies.  That was easy.  If they did not cooperate with me, they lost the business.  It also cost them a lunch for which they got nothing but my stiff-necked refusal to hire undocumented people that they presented.  It was easy.  I learned and I acted.  I refused offers for money, gifts and yes, sex.  In one instance, the most pressure was laid to bare by a politically well placed engineering director of a very successful and well heeled government contractor.  I beat him too.  
The immigration system is not broken.  It has been raped for all the years that it has been in place.  Yes, the very people who passed the laws, the very people who have the responsibility to enforce the law prefer to take money and make whores of themselves rather than to live by what they propose that others should practice.  
The next time you hear that a "system" is broken, any system, rest assured that the person who is saying that is one of the whores who takes the money from the "johns" who don't want to submit to the requirements of the system.  I have stories about the health care system too.  I also have stories about the labor law system.  I do not have to invent them.  They happened right in front of my very eyes.  Some of them are still happening.  
So, friends and neighbors, enjoy the ride.  It takes a real sense of humor to be able to get through life.  I often wish I had the talent of a political cartoonist.  I don't, so I guess I'll just have to get by with the little talent that I have.